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You need a staffing and recruiting partner with experience. Someone who gets it right the Furst time, solves your business problems, and creates a service experience that will make you want to work with them, time and time again.

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Partner With Experience

FurstStaffing has been in business since 1971. Our half century of experience helps us identify reliable, qualified candidates with exceptional work ethic and the skills you need for your business. The average tenure of our internal staff is 12 years, which means we have tons of experience finding the right person for your job! In fact, we’re obsessed with creating great matches. That’s why we have recruiting teams dedicated to each of the industries we serve. Our expert recruiters have deep knowledge of the skills and experience that will help them find the best talent for each placement.

Choose Versatility

If you need to hire employees in Rockford, IL; Stockton, IL; Darlington, WI, or the surrounding areas, call us first. We fill entry level roles all the way up to executive roles. Not only can we provide the RIGHT people, we can also flex our services to meet your changing business needs. Whether you need temporary, Furst-To-Hire, direct hire recruiting services, or a specialized solution, you can count on us.

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Keep Your Business On Track

Partnering with FurstStaffing can help you:

  • Access the talent you need
  • Complete projects on time and on budget
  • Manage fluctuating workloads
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve your business via FurstStaffing employee feedback
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Our Services

Temporary Staffing

Reduce costs by better matching your workforce to your workload with temporary staffing services. FurstStaffing provides talent to cover leaves and vacations, complete special projects, provide on-demand expertise, and more.


Try a Furst employee before committing to a hire with our version of temporary-to-hire services. Make your hiring decision based on performance metrics and eliminate the cost, time, and risk of making a bad hire.

Direct Hire

Take advantage of FurstStaffing’s recruiting and screening expertise to quickly narrow the field of candidates with our direct hire services. We meet with every candidate and only present the most qualified candidates to you.


FurstProfessionals can help you meet all your technical and professional staffing needs. Our industry-focused recruiters take the time to understand your needs, work environment, and goals to deliver the best professional talent.


FurstExecutives can attract and recruit high-performing leaders for executive roles within your organization, whether it is a retained search or an exclusive contingency search.


FurstStaffing’s outplacement services assist candidates with career transitions when they need to enter the workforce in a different role or capacity.

On-Site Solutions

FurstStaffing has over 40 years of experience providing VOP solutions through exclusive, long-term relationships. Using best practices, we can help hire and supervise a high volume of contract talent, improve engagement and retention, and drive workforce efficiency.


FurstConsulting can add human resources expertise to your organization by assisting you with compensation and benefits analysis, risk and liability support, compliance issues, and company culture needs.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Industrial and Clerical Staffing

Awesome people for a wide range of industrial and clerical opportunities.

Technical And Professional Placement

FurstPros can meet all of your technical and professional career and hiring needs.

Executive Search

Executive search services to fill leadership roles worldwide.

HR Consulting & Specialized Solutions

Customized workforce solutions to meet your business goals.



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