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Client and candidate testimonials.

Here’s Why People Love Working With Us

You know, you were the 5th or 6th place I called today, but you were the ONLY company that had a live person answer the phone and then that person transferred me to a live person to answer my questions. I really appreciated that, and I just wanted to let you know that it really makes a difference.


Also wanted you to know that I’ve been really happy with the Furst team. Both Rachel Thomann and Melissa Saunders are a joy to work with.


I worked with Rachel, and she was top notch. She responded right away to all of my inquiries, sent me potential candidates right away, and stayed connected until we found the ideal employee!

CEO, Nonprofit 

FurstStaffing has always kept me working! I would recommend this company above all others. If you want to go to work, just call and be sincere about your involvement and they will definitely find you a position. Above all, their jobs are temp to hire! Thank you FurstStaffing for giving me this opportunity!


Staff is helpful and professional. I did not feel forgotten in my job searching experience.


FurstStaffing found a direct hire job for me that was perfect for my career field. They were professional and kept me informed during the entire process. I enjoyed the conversations with the team members as everyone was extremely pleasant to talk to. Thank you to everyone for their valiant efforts.


I give Furst Staffing 5 Stars!!! I went to their Rockford location and all the staff were highly professional, helpful and very kind. They really do care for people! I especially want to thank Courtney!! Courtney went above and beyond. Her communication with me was outstanding! And thanks to her I start my new job next week!!! Thank you Courtney!! I highly recommend FurstStaffing! They are Great!! P.S. Big shout out to Franz!

Jeanette V. 

I have been with FurstStaffing about 4 months now and I can honestly say Ms. Elisa goes over and beyond to place you in a position to grow and have a wonderful job/income Americold has done nothing but accept me with open arms excellent place to work.


Everyone at Furst is so kind and helpful. I’m so grateful I was able to use them to land my dream job! Huge shoutout to Courtney for all her help and support along the way!


My qualities with their professionalism came together and the job was done. I played my part and now I am a part of the team…