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FurstPros matches highly qualified candidates with employers in need of technical and professional talent in Rockford, IL; Stockton, IL; Darlington, WI, and beyond.

Looking To Advance Your Professional Career?

Our industry-focused recruiters can find exceptional opportunities to match your knowledge and experience. We take the time to understand your professional needs, preferred work environment, and career goals. Then we leverage over 50 years of experience in the staffing industry and a wealth of professional contacts to match you with employers who will value your skills. Although we have deep roots in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, our FurstPros services search worldwide to find the best career opportunities for you.

Put Your Professional Knowledge To Work!

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Does Your Business Need An Experienced Professional?

When you’re facing mission-critical project deadlines and need to bring in specific skills, FurstPros can find the talent you need to quickly fill mid- and high-level openings. Our recruiters specialize in the industries they serve, which means they understand the unique skill sets necessary for niche roles. Many of our experts in information technology staffing, engineering staffing and recruitment, and other staffing specialties have been with us for at least 12 years.

We know what it takes to help you succeed, and we get to know our candidates’ experience levels and abilities before we recommend them to you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing candidates with the hard and soft skills your business needs – and who are also a great cultural fit for your organization.

Best of all, our services are flexible. We can provide:

  • Supplemental staffing for short- or long-term projects
  • Furst-To-Hire professionals
  • Direct hire employees for permanent placement
  • Specialized solutions to meet your most pressing business needs

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