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HR Consulting – Introducing FurstConsulting

As a leader, you are focused on every aspect of your business: daily operations, business development, sales, client/customer satisfaction, financial stability, and your employees – all of the elements that make your business a success day in and day out. You also look at the big picture: the ideas and strategies that position your company as an industry leader.

As you strive to complete your daily calls, meetings, and projects, you likely have an additional list of goals you want to accomplish within your company. These may include staff leadership development, training opportunities, continually improving company culture, or completing compensation analyses to retain your talent.

But do you have enough hours in the day? Do you have a human resources department to assist with these goals?

FurstConsulting can help. We begin with a conversation. We explore ways to assist in accomplishing your goals as a leader. You focus on your expertise and we focus on ours. Together, we check off the to-do and wish list you have for your organization.

How can FurstConsulting make a difference for you?

  • Provide a safe environment for employees to share feedback in order to create opportunities for company culture changes, retention, and improvements.
  • Assist with employee onboarding, orientation, and retention, including: creating or revising employee handbooks, tracking employment laws, and ensuring compliance and risk management.
  • Offer career development, coaching and training opportunities for your managers and employees.
  • Evaluate your compensation structure and levels to determine if you are competitive in your market and industry.
  • Assist employees with career transitions in times of company downsizing or restructuring.

Let’s talk. Let us help you reach your goals.